Training Essentials

Here’s a compiled list of many different items that will assist you in your current and future training and gun ownership. These are all things that I have used personally and recommend to both beginner and advanced shooters. Now there are some differences and similarities to some of these items and I will break down which one’s I use and why. One of the best things about being a gun owner is that there are so many options available to the user which makes for great customization for every individual. Fortified Measures is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn affiliate fees by linking to Amazon. The items below have been personally compiled and tested by myself to ensure the highest experience for you,  but you are under no obligation to purchase them whatsoever. 


In-Home Training Devices

Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo provides the most advanced laser training technology and highest quality products to the Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military markets in non-lethal firearms training tools. The are the World Wide Leader of all Laser Base firearms training products. Laser Ammo is the original “Shoot Anytime, Anywhere” company.
With a wide range of training tools such as Recoil Enabled training guns, interactive target systems, to laser based training cartridges to use in your own personal firearms, Laser Ammo is your one stop shop and perfect for your everyday use.
I personally have been using Laser Ammo’s products for years and have greatly improved my shooting techniques and abilities. No more need for range fees, expensive ammo purchases and safety restrictions. Train in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family.
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SureStrike Training Laser Cartridge

One of the best training you can do at home is dry firing. It’s a great way to learn the mechanics of your trigger pull and get used to how your personal firearm operates. With the SureStrike Training Laser, you can now add a fun, but extremely useful element to your home training. The training laser is a small cartridge in the shape of a 9mm round that you can put into the chamber of your firearm. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin will strike the back pad of the cartridge and shoot out a red visible laser out of the muzzle. This will allow you to put up targets in your home and practice your dry firing and also give you immediate results on where your shot placement is. The cartridge is a standard 9mm only, but the PREMIUM PLUS KIT provides attachments for .40 cal and 45 acp. 
**DISCLAIMER** Something to take into consideration before using this device. When using the SureStrike Training Laser, I prefer to use it with a double action pistol, meaning something with an external hammer that will allow for continuous trigger pulls without having to wrack the slide after every shot, i.e Sig Sauer P226. If you are using a striker fire pistol i.e Glock 19 that does not have an external hammer, you run into the issue of wracking your slide after every shot to reset the trigger which can form bad habits.
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Laser Ammo Interactive Multi Target Training System (I-MTTS)

If you are using the SureStrike Training Laser Cartridge from the description above, then these interact targets from Laser Ammo are a must have to up your home training game. These targets (which come in a 1, 3 and 5 pack) are not only great training tools, but a ton of fun. They are extremely light weight and mobile and can be placed practically anywhere in your home. They come with 6 different operation modes which provide you with different methods of practice. They are perfect for target practice and marksmanship, quick draws from a holster, closer quarters battle (CQB) and scenario based training. The best part about all of that, is you can train consistently, in your home without having to go to the range, blow through thousands of rounds, or have to spend time picking up brass afterwards. Each target requires 3 AAA batteries, so depending on how much you use them, be prepared to have spare batteries on hand. The I-MTTS paired with the SureStrike Training Laser are truly the best training tools out there. 

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Night Vision

Night Vision Devices, Inc. (NVD) is the source for the highest quality US manufactured night vision binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights, night vision parts and service in the industry. Incorporated in 2005, NVD is a U.S. Veteran Owned Small Business that prides itself on being a premier manufacturer and tactical integrator of night vision binoculars, monoculars and weapon sights which are built to full MIL SPEC qualifications. NVD is currently the third largest system manufacturer of Image Intensified (I2) night vision systems in the United States. Our highly skilled staff is made up of a team of individuals with more than 200+ years of industry experience, who can repair and service almost any US manufactured night vision system ever purchased by the US DOD.

NVD’s core business focus is the engineering of cutting-edge product development and the subsequent manufacturing of products which originate from such design improvements. Simple and affordable logistics support is what defines a great system along with NVD’s consistent and continued observance of the logistical sustainment and manufacturing validation of the I2 systems which are manufactured for Military and Law Enforcement markets.


Fortified Measures is a proud certified NVD Distributor. Please contact for inquiries on discounted rates on all of Night Vision Device’s products

Hard Head Veterans

Hard Head Veterans is a veteran owned small business that manufactures ballistic helmets and other protective head gear for Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military markets.. HHV offers a growing list of protective products and employ a growing number of US Veterans to help provide the consumers with the best products out there. 
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Shooters Global

Shooters Global provides the only Smart Shot Timer you will ever need. Whether you are out on the range doing live fire drills, or at home working on your dry fire practice, this shot timer is perfect for all occasions. The device is perfectly paired with their smart phone app that allows for superior functionality. The device is both rugged and water resistant to accommodate for any training environments. Everything you need is on one screen and navigation takes minimal amount of clicks and can be performed with one handed operations. The Shooters Global shot timer also provides the most advanced sensor on the market with sensitivity adjustments. Overall, the most efficient and practical timer you will ever need. 
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Weapons Lights

Having a light on your weapon is critical. There are many functions to having a gun mounted light that go beyond just illuminating a room. Once you properly learn how to train with a light, it becomes a very useful tool to help increase your ability to defend your home. 

SureFire X300U-A and X300U-B

SureFire is one of the top named brands on the market as far as weapon lights go. They have been around for ages and continuously improve on their products. I have personally been using both weapon lights and hand held flashlights from SureFire for the past 13 years and they are a brand that I trust, especially when it comes to life saving tools. There are many newer brands on the market right now, but I do not have personal knowledge or time behind the trigger with them to give proper information about them. 

The SureFire X300U is an amazing light. It offers 1000 lumens of LED generated output and 11,300 candela which will easily help light up your target. It also has ambidextrous switching for both momentary and constant light which you now understand how important that is with training. It does take batteries and runs on 2 CR123A batteries which has a 1.25 hour runtime. It weighs in at 1 pound so be aware of the extra weight that would be added to your firearm. Now the only difference with the X300U-A and the X300U-B, is the mounting system. The A version comes with 2 tabs on the side of the light that pull down to mount onto your rail and offer more of a “quick connect and disconnect.” The B version comes with a traditional side screw that you loosen and tighten when you are mounting it to your firearm. Personal preference does come into play here and certain mounting systems work better on different gun mounts. So look into them both to decide which option would be better for you. 

SureFire X400U Light and Laser Combo

This light itself offers the same qualities as the X300U, except it has a visible laser attached to it. If you have never used lasers before, there is a small learning curve with sighting in your laser as well as knowing the proper holds at different differences. But once you have that down, there are of course added benefits to having a laser for home defense or out on the range. For instance, in the event that you have a home invasion scenario, being able to have a visible laser can help with quick target acquisition without having to be down your sights. If it is at night and it is dark is your home, it can be very difficult and timely to acquire your iron sights and get on target. Having the ability to trigger your laser and put a dot on a target can be very effective. The SureFire X400U also comes with a toggle switch where you can set your device to having a light only, laser only, or both light and laser together. The light also has a purchasing option of having a red or green laser. I personally have this light on my pistols that do not have a Red Dot Optic which we will cover here below!

SureFire DG Pressure Switch

This is one of my favorite pieces of gear. As I stated before, I believe that weapon lights are a must. This pressure switch is a game changer for me. One of the downsides to pretty much every pistol light out there, is that it takes 2 hands on the weapon to operate. But what happens when you’re in a situation where you only have one hand available? That light becomes useless unless you toggle it to constant on which is also not a great option. The DG Switch is a perfect fix to this. It attaches to any “X” series of SureFire pistol lights. It’s a quick disconnect from the toggle switch and then adding on the new DG switch (which also provides the use of the same toggle options for your light) but then rides along the bottom of your trigger guard and to the front of your pistol grip. The light can then be activated by using your middle finger on your current shooting hand. This way, your light can be activated by just adding a little bit more pressure on your grip. So if you are ever in a situation where you have to shoot, or maneuver around your home with only one hand on your firearm, you can still use the momentary action of your light.

Pistol Optics

Optics aren’t for everyone. There are a lot of people out there that like to stick with traditional iron sights while shooting, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But for those who enjoy the change from iron sights to red dots, here are some added benefits. First, when it comes to target acquisition, being able to find a red dot, is going to be quicker (in my opinion and if you train with it) than using iron sights. Especially if you’re in the dark and in a high intense situation such as a home invasion. As stated above, when we were discussing lasers, if you don’t have high glow iron sights on your pistol, they are going to be extremely difficult to pick up in the dark, let alone having to line up your front and rear sights. A lot of red dots on the market today will have battery life that last up to a couple years staying constantly on. That means, you are able to leave your red dot on and in the case of a home invasion, it’s one less step you’ll have to do or think about when addressing the threat. There are also some options that will turn themselves off over a short period of time with no use, and have a motion detector and will automatically turn on when you pick up your firearm. A few things to keep in mind are having the ability to even attach a red dot. A lot of stock pistols are not equipped to be able to mount a red dot and will require you to get a new slide, or have your current one milled out for it, which will cost you extra on top of the optic itself. The good news is, pistol optics are very popular these days and more weapon manufactures give you the option of having optic mounts on newer models. Now there are a lot of options and brands when it comes to optics and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Take some time to look at what works best for you, what is in your price range, and how well they hold up in aggressive situations. Below is just the one I use personally and recommend to all shooters. 

Ear & Eye Protection

When it’s time to kick your training up a notch and you head to the range, make sure you are making the best decisions when it comes to your hearing and eye protection. It should go without saying that safety is paramount when it comes to any training, but especially when doing live fire. Outside of physical bodily harm, you also need to take into consideration the impact shooting can have on your hearing and vision. Like all other pieces of gear, there are endless options when it comes to ear and eye protection. These are my recommendations and the gear that I personally use and trust when I am out on the range. 

Howard Leight: Impact Sport Earmuffs

These are a great option as far as protection and cost go. They are an over the ear device that offer 22 decibel noise reduction and have a low profile which comes into play when you are shooting any type of long gun that requires you to have a proper cheek weld. Plus there is a huge advantage of having electronic ear protection at the range which is having the ability to talk to and hear other people around you without having to shout at one another, or if you are in a class and need to hear range commands without having to lift off the muffs. The Howard Leights come in a wide range of designs and colors but are a well functional and comfortable piece of equipment. They also offer come with an audio jack for those who like to connect to their phone or iPod and listen to music while they shoot.

3M Peltor TEP-200

There are many times when I am at the range when I don’t want to have bulky over the ear hearing protection on, especially if I am mainly shooting with my rifle. For these days, I prefer to have electronic in-ear hearing protection available. The 3M Peltor TEP-200’s are my personal go-to. With all the benefits of having electronic ear pro, I can still hear everything that’s going on around me while I shoot and have a 23 decibel noise reduction. But what’s great about in-ear devices is that it makes shooting with a long gun way more comfortable. No longer do I have to fight to find a good cheek weld on the butt-stock of my rifle before I’m able to acquire my sights and target. They are extremely light weight, and come with a portable charging case that is small enough to fit in your pocket. I personally use these more than I do any over the ear muffs. 

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We can’t forget about our eyes. Unfortunately, we only get one pair, so make sure to take the best care. When it comes to eye protection, I only like to use the best. My top choice is Gatorz Eyewear. I have been using Gatorz for the past 13 years, all the way back when I was in the SEAL Teams training and operating overseas. You won’t find better quality and they offer many different styles for all types of faces, which is actually really important. Finding the best fit for your face is critical. Aside from styles, they also come with many different lens options from polarized to non, mirrored, clear and even transitional lenses that change from clear to dark when changing from indoors to outdoor environments. (They also fill prescription lenses). Their frames are made from strong aluminum and also come in different colors to fit your needs. They are made in the USA and have a life time warranty. 


We The People Holsters

Whether you’re at the range, or carrying on your person out in public, you need to have a great holster. Like everything else, they come in all shapes and sizes and are customizable to your own needs and likes. Finding a quality holster can be tough especially when so many are alike. One that stands out from the rest is We The People Holsters. They offer thousands of combinations that include inside the waistband, outside of the waistband, kydex, leather, and with and without pistol light options. So whatever your make and model that is your everyday carry, there’s a good chance they will have you covered. Whether you like a tactical look, or fun color patterns, they have over 20 design patterns for you to choose from. We The People Holsters are made in the USA and offer a life time warranty as well. 

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Tactical Apparel


Having the proper gear is essential, and that goes beyond just training tools. Being prepared goes from range time to everyday wear. Having the ability to always be comfortable, but also functional, is why 95% of my attire is Viktos. Whether it’s for tactical use or casual wear, Viktos has become my trusted brand. Since 2019, I have been putting their clothing to the test and that’s everything from jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, boots, packs and anything else you can imagine. All of their clothing is uniquely designed to fit your needs of the day, including adaptations for the range. Best of all, their clothing is designed by veterans!

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Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits

If you take care of your gear, it will take care of you. Having proper maintenance of your firearms is a big part of being an owner. Now, not to say that you absolutely have to clean your guns after every use, but be aware that there is some maintenance required. Remember that your firearms are a life saving device and deserve to be treated as such. Take the time every so often or after a heavy range day to go ahead and take those guns apart and break out some elbow grease.